McDonalds vouchers and discount codes

At McDonalds you will find a large selection of burgers, desserts, salads, ice cream and more. You can choose a current Mcdonalds Discount Code  and Voucher from us and print it out. You will receive the McDonalds voucher as a PDF and can present it when you place your order. 

McDonalds - the popular fast food chain

The McDonald brothers founded the McDonalds fast food restaurant in California in 1940. Eight years later, the fast food restaurant became a household name. The brothers introduced the Speedee system, a new way of preparing hamburgers. They also switched to self-service. 

The first McDonald's franchisee was Neil Fox, who opened a branch in Phoenix, Arizona. His restaurant was the first to feature the Golden Arches.  In 1955, Ray Kroc took over the McDonald brothers' concept and from then on, more and more restaurants were opened. Initially within the USA and later beyond. In Europe, the first McDonalds restaurant was opened in Amsterdam in 1971. The fast food chain has been operating in Germany since December 1971, when Germany's first fast food restaurant was opened in Munich. McDonalds now employs around 65,000 people worldwide (as of 2023). According to Statista, McDonalds had around 40,300 restaurants worldwide in 2022.

How to redeem McDonalds vouchers?

  • You can redeem McDonald's vouchers in different ways:

  • You can redeem a McDonalds  Mcdonalds Coupon Codes directly via the McDonalds app. 

  • Print out the McDonalds Promo Code and show it at the till in a branch.

  • You can scan the QR code when you place your order in a McDonalds branch.

  • If you use McDrive, you can enter the voucher code when ordering.

Collect offers via the McDonalds app

You can download the McDonalds app to your smartphone and benefit from many advantages. You will constantly receive new McDonalds coupon Codes and McDonalds  discount Codes Are waiting for you. You can either redeem a McDonalds voucher code in the app or scan it at the ordering terminal. The app is available free of charge on Google Play and in the App Store.


Where can I use McDonalds vouchers?

You can redeem a McDonalds Mcdonalds Discount Code 2024 in the McDonalds app. Otherwise, a McDonalds voucher code is valid in every McDonalds restaurant in the UK. However, there are also vouchers that are valid for a specific region and not for the whole of Germany. 

Is a McDonald's voucher only valid in printed form? 

No, a McDonalds voucher 2024 is not only valid in printed form. As a rule, it is also possible to enter the code at the till or terminal. Or you can use the app. The McDonald's vouchers 2024 are available there in digital form. 

Is it possible to use the Mc Donalds vouchers in the McDrive?

Yes, you can also use a McDonalds discount code in McDrive. To do this, you can print out the voucher and show it or dictate the code to the employee at the till. You can also use the voucher code in the app.

Where can I check which products McDonalds has available?

Go to the McDonalds website to see which products are currently available. Click on "Products" and a window will open. There you will see, for example, the categories Happy Meal, McMenu, McNuggets & Fingerfood, Breakfast, Drinks and Desserts. Click on Highlights, for example, and you will see burgers such as Double Hamburger Royal Cheese or McCrispy. In addition, products that are only available for a short time are displayed on the homepage. 

How do I find out about new vouchers and promotions?

If you want to keep up to date with new promotions, vouchers and offers, you can subscribe to the McDonalds newsletter. To do this, you need to download the McDonalds app and then register for the newsletter. You can also activate push notifications in the app. Now you will be informed directly when there are new coupons, offers or competitions. 

We also always provide all the latest McDonalds vouchers on our portal. Come to our site before you want to buy a burger or other products at McDonalds. Choose a McDonalds Promo Code that suits your desired products and secure a discount on your order. 

What is the value of McDonalds vouchers 2023? 

As the vouchers change regularly, you will always find new discounts. You can often save up to 50 per cent. The discount codes vary in value. They always represent a saving.

Can I use Mc Donalds vouchers for orders via displays or vending machines?

Yes, this is also possible. If you place your order at a display or vending machine, you can enter the number sequence of the code. Another option is to scan the QR code. 

How can I save money at McCafé?

If you use the McDonalds app, you can take part in the bonus programme and earn rewards. You can often also use the collective deal to save money. This is worthwhile if you visit McCafé regularly. With this promotion, you get a free drink when you order a certain amount of coffee.

Does McDonalds have a delivery service?

McDonalds already offers a delivery service in many cities and towns. You can check in the online shop or in the app whether there is a delivery service in your area. Enter your postcode on the delivery service page. If delivery services in your area are displayed, you can order online or via the app. Tip: Look for current McDonalds vouchers on our portal beforehand. Select one of the McDonalds vouchers 2024 and secure a discount on your order. 

What is the Happy Meal app?

The Happy Meal app is a digital world for kids and the whole family. The app contains learning opportunities as well as games such as digital colouring books and role-playing games. It was developed in co-operation with child development experts and game designers. You can download the Happy Meal app to your smartphone or tablet free of charge via the App Store or Google Play. 

What is the McDonalds bonus programme?

If you take part in the bonus programme, you collect points with every order. It doesn't matter whether you order via the app, in the McDrive or in a McDonalds restaurant. If you would like to take part, download the McDonalds app to your smartphone and register. You will receive 200 points for your first order as a welcome gift. For 200 points you will receive an apple turnover, a Café Small or a small portion of French fries.

How can I redeem my collected points for rewards at McDonalds?

You can redeem your points for rewards at McDonalds in the app, in the restaurant or in the McDrive. Choose your rewards and click on "Scan" on your smartphone. You can scan the QR code in the restaurant. If you order in the McDrive and want to redeem your points for a reward, simply enter the four-digit code. If you order via the McDonalds app, add the reward coupon to your order. 

How do I get a McDonalds voucher if I don't want to use the app?

Most coupons are actually available in the McDonalds app. However, you don't have to use the app to get discounts. You can always find all the latest McDonalds voucher codes on our portal. Current discount codes are also available on the McDonalds website. 

What advantages does the McDonalds Junior Club offer?

The Junior Club is free for families and children. It offers surprises, fun, games and more. You can register for the Junior Club on the McDonalds website. Once you have registered, your children will receive a birthday surprise every year. You will also receive exclusive McDonald's vouchers, craft ideas, game ideas, competitions and more by club mail.

Can any family celebrate a child's birthday at McDonalds?

Yes, this option is available to all families. You can make the booking in the restaurant or by telephone. There are various party themes to choose from. For example, you can book a jungle party or a children's birthday party with the theme "Happy Pirates", "Minions" or "Bibi & Tina". You can also choose between the mini party or the big party. 

The mini party is suitable for the end of a party. For example, if you are celebrating the children's birthday party at home or in the swimming pool, you can take the little guests to McDonald's for a mini-party afterwards. This party lasts about 60 minutes. The children get a Happy Meal and a dessert. In addition, both the birthday child and the guests receive gifts.

The Big Party lasts around 90 minutes and includes various highlights. The birthday corner in the restaurant is decorated according to the chosen theme. There is also a Happy Meal for each child or, alternatively, burgers that the kids can create themselves. There is also a cake for dessert and presents for the guests and the birthday child. McDonalds childcare is available to play games with the kids. 

How can I pay for my orders in the McDonalds app?

If you place your order via the app, you can pay by credit card. Or you can pay in cash when you pick up your order.

Can McDonalds be found on social networks?

You can find McDonalds on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. You can find out about new offers, vouchers and competitions on McDonalds' social media pages. 

Why can't I redeem my McDonalds voucher?

If your McDonalds Discount Code or voucher does not work, there may be several reasons for this. Firstly, check whether you have entered the code correctly. If you have not written down the numbers or the sequence of letters correctly, the voucher cannot be used. You must also pay attention to any spaces in the discount code.

It is also possible that the McDonalds voucher is only valid for regular customers or new customers. Or you may have saved a voucher code a long time ago and it has now expired. In most cases, the discounts are only valid for a short time. 

Is there a McDonalds voucher code for free delivery?

If you use the McDonalds delivery service, you always order free of charge. You do not need to use a voucher code. All orders from the McDonalds delivery service are delivered free of charge.

Does McDonalds offer free products?

Yes, McDonalds often offers gifts. The free items are usually linked to menus. For example, the Happy Meal for children always includes a gift in the form of a book or a toy. Free items are also available during various promotions. 

Is there a sale at McDonalds?

No, there is no sale. But you can always secure a good deal with McDonalds vouchers. You can also benefit from instant prizes or other advantages during promotions such as McDonalds Monopoly. 

Are McDonald's vouchers valid for the entire range?

As a rule, a discount with a McDonald Promo Code applies to selected products. For example, you can use a discount code to order a burger or a dessert at a reduced price. It is best to read the conditions before using a code. The redemption conditions state which product the voucher applies to.