Search for a current KFC voucher with us so that you can save on your order at Kentucky Fried Chicken. You will find all the latest vouchers for KFC here - both KFC Offer Code that are available via the KFC app and KFC  Promo Code and vouchers PDF for printing out. 

How can I redeem a voucher from KFC?

Some  Kfc discount codes can only be redeemed via the app. Other voucher codes are suitable for use in a KFC shop or on the Kentucky Fried Chicken website. If you use the app, you can show the voucher at the till in a KFC restaurant. Otherwise, simply quote the code. If you don't want to use the app, you can redeem the voucher as follows:

  • Open our site, print out the voucher or download the code to your smartphone.

  • Go to a KFC branch that is taking part in the discount promotion.

  • When ordering, inform the employee that you would like to redeem a voucher.

  • Show the discount code when paying.

If you use the app, you can simply show your  kfc Coupon code at the counter. If you use the delivery service and order via the app, enter the code during the ordering process.

If you order via the KFC webseite, the code will be redeemed in the same way:

  • Look for a current KFC voucher on the homepage or from us.

  • Place your desired products in the shopping basket.

  • Open the shopping basket and specify whether you would like to use the delivery service or pick up your order in a shop. Please make sure that the delivery service is available in your area.

  • Enter your online voucher in the bucket.

  • If the voucher is available on the website, the discount is usually applied automatically without you having to enter a code.

  • Continue to the checkout and finalise your order.

KFC - the fast food company from the USA with chicken specialities

KFC is the abbreviation for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The fast food company is run via a franchise system. KFC is known for its chicken burgers and buckets with chicken, which are prepared and seasoned in a special way. The company was founded by Harland Sanders. He initially ran a petrol station in Kentucky and also offered fried chicken and other dishes there. Word quickly spread that Harland's cooking was very good and the number of customers increased steadily. Harland decided to open a restaurant opposite his petrol station in 1930. 

At the end of the 1930s, the first high-pressure fryers were available, enabling Harland to quickly prepare chicken dishes in his restaurant. The specialities were constantly refined. In 1940, the herb mixture was created, which gave the popular Kentucky Fried Chicken its typical flavour. From 1952, KFC became a franchise business. More and more restaurants were opened. Today, KFC is a global company with its headquarters in Kentucky. Since 1997, KFC has been part of YUM! Brands. 


Are the KFC vouchers valid everywhere in the UK?

Most discount codes are valid for all shops. However, it is possible that a discount is not available in individual restaurants or in some locations. Please always read the conditions of the voucher. Among other things, it will state where the voucher is valid. 

Where can I see the KFC products?

You can view the product range in the KFC app and on the KFC website. You can also find out about weekly and daily promotions on the website. For example, on some days you can get hot wings at a discount. Or you can choose from KFC boxes as a menu at a special price. The KFC range includes the categories Buckets, Burgers, Chicken, Boxes, Veggie, Wraps & Salads, Desserts, Sauces, Drinks and Kids Menus. 

What advantages does the KFC app offer?

The app provides you with the latest vouchers from KFC, some of which are only valid for app users. You will also find out about new product specials. There is also a restaurant finder in the app so that you can quickly and easily find your nearest restaurant. The KFC app is available to download free of charge from Google Play and the App Store. Download the app to your device, register with your e-mail address and stay informed about the latest vouchers. So you don't have to worry about missing out on a good deal.

Do I always have to print out a KFC voucher?

If you want to use a KFC voucher in PDF format, you can print it out and show it at the counter in the shop. You can also give the code to the employee or show the voucher code on your smartphone at the checkout. 

How can I find out about the KFC offers?

You can find out about a current KFC meal deals 2024 here. Otherwise, you should visit the KFC website. New promotions and offers are listed there. You can also find out about new offers, deals and promotions via the KFC app. You can also register for the newsletter on the KFC website. You will then receive email notifications about new products, services and offers. 

What does a KFC voucher code offer me?

With the vouchers you can usually order a menu at a special price. There are also KFC offers for families and Friends specials. It is also possible that with a KFC voucher PDF you can get two burgers and only have to pay for one. It's best to check directly with us to see which KFC offers are available today. The Kentucky vouchers provide an average discount of 36 to 50 per cent. Some codes offer you a price reduction of up to 60 per cent.

Where can I get the latest vouchers from KFC?

If you use the KFC app, you will find new and exclusive discount codes there. KFC meal deals and KFC vouchers PFD are also available for download or direct redemption on the KFC website. Furthermore, you will always find all the latest KFC Offer Code on our portal. 

Does KFC offer a delivery service?

In many cities in Uk you can benefit from a delivery service and have burgers and co. delivered to your home. You can check on the Kentucky Fried Chicken website whether the delivery service is available in your area. To do this, enter your location or the delivery address. 

When are new KFC vouchers available?

We update the coupons regularly, so you will always find the latest KFC vouchers. Visit our page before you order or go to the restaurant and take a look at the list of KFC discount codes. There is sure to be a discount code that suits your desired product.

Why can't I redeem my KFC voucher?

Firstly, check whether the discount applies to the product you would like to buy. The vouchers are usually not for the entire range, but for individual products or menus. You should also check whether the discount code is only valid for app users or for all customers. It is also possible that the voucher is only valid while stocks last. Also note the validity date of the code. It may already have expired.

Do I have to pay for the voucher codes?

No, you always receive the KFC vouchers free of charge. You can also get a voucher from us free of charge. You only have advantages if you use a current KFC voucher. 

Can I only use a KFC voucher if I am registered with KFC?

Registration is often not required to secure a discount. However, there are vouchers that you can only redeem with a customer account at KFC. All exclusive app vouchers can only be used if you have registered in the app. 

Is KFC on Facebook or other social media?

You can follow KFC on Facebook, for example. Kentucky Fried Chicken announces new competitions or promotions there. You can also find out about current offers and vouchers via the Facebook page. On KFC's YouTube channel, you can see what a burger looks like, among other things. There are also videos about other products and offers. KFC is also on Instagram and Twitter. 

How long are the KFC vouchers valid for?

The duration of the vouchers varies. The discounts are often linked to a promotion. When the discount promotion ends, the discount expires at the same time. Sometimes a voucher code is only valid while stocks last. As a rule, the validity date is stated on each voucher. 

Can I redeem more than one KFC voucher?

You can only use one voucher for KFC at a time. Choose the most attractive voucher for you so that you can benefit from the greatest possible savings.

Is it possible to redeem an online deal in a shop?

No, the exclusive online deals can only be used on the KFC website or in the KFC app. If you want to redeem a voucher in a restaurant, you will have to choose a different voucher. It's best to check our site directly to see which current KFC vouchers are available. You can read where you can use the code in the redemption conditions.

How can I pay at KFC?

If you order online, you can pay for your order via Visa or MasterCard. If you want to pick up your order in a restaurant, you can also pay in cash. 

Do I have to register to use the KFC app?

No, registration is not required. However, if you would like to receive exclusive and special vouchers, then registration is necessary. KFC often has special coupons or offers for registered customers. It is therefore recommended that you register in the app.

Does KFC offer burgers without meat?

Yes, you can find these products in the "Veggie" section. You can choose from Veggie Colonel TS Burger, Veggie Chicken Share, Veggie Kids and Veggie Twister. Mycroprotein is used instead of meat in these products. These proteins are obtained from fermented mushrooms. The products are not vegan, as they contain egg and milk. These products are known as veggie tenders. The flavour should not differ from the products with meat because they are breaded according to the original recipe. 

Can a KFC voucher be used more than once?

No, the vouchers can usually be redeemed once per customer. If you enter the same code again, the discount will no longer be recognised. In this case, you can simply choose another KFC voucher from us.