If you fancy a Whopper with bacon and cheese, King's Beef or other tasty treats, then Burger King is the place for you. The range also includes burgers with meat alternatives, such as the Kansas City Chiefs Burger with wheat and soya-based beef substitutes. You can secure a discount on your order with a Burger King voucher. You can get Burger King vouchers from us free of charge. 

How do the Burgerking vouchers have to be redeemed?

  • Once you have selected a voucher from us, you can print out the code.

  • Or you can download the discount code to your smartphone to show it in a shop.

  • If you use the Burger King app, you can show the voucher code in the app at the checkout.

  • If you would like to use the delivery service, save the Burger King voucher in the clipboard.

  • Place your desired items in the shopping basket in the Burger King webshop.

  • You can add your voucher code to the payment methods during the order process.

Interesting facts about Burger King

Burger King is a fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Florida. The restaurants are mainly run by franchise partners. The company was founded in 1954 by David Edgerton and James McLamore. The two founders' first restaurant was called Insta-Burger King. Initially, beef was grilled and served with fries and fresh ingredients. In 1957, the first Whopper was sold in the USA. The founders acquired the franchise rights in 1961. This allowed the company to expand worldwide. Burger King has been operating in Europe since 1975 and, according to Burger King, around 11 million people worldwide visit the fast-food restaurants every day (as of 2023). The big burger called the Whopper is ordered most frequently.


Can I collect Payback points at Burger King?

Yes, you can also collect Payback points at Burger King. You receive one Payback point for every 2 euros you spend. In addition, Burger King vouchers with extra points are sometimes available. Once you have collected 200 points, you can exchange them for rewards. 

Are Burger King vouchers valid for all shops?

Most vouchers can be redeemed in all shops. However, you should check the redemption conditions of the code to see which Burger King shops the discount applies to. The store managers can decide for themselves whether you take part in a discount promotion. It is therefore possible that a promotional code will not be accepted in every Burger King restaurant. If you use the Burger King delivery service, you must use the BK app to redeem a coupon.

Do Burger King vouchers also apply to the delivery service?

Sometimes the Burger King vouchers can be used for the delivery service. You do not need to print out the Burger King vouchers PDF. Select your desired products on the Burger King website, place them in the shopping basket and proceed to the checkout. When you select the payment method during the order process, enter your discount code in the text field. Finalise your order and the discount will be deducted from the purchase total. 

You can also redeem the vouchers for the delivery service in the BK app. Then proceed as described above. Please check first whether the delivery service is available in your area. To do this, enter your address in the "Delivery service" section. You will then be shown whether delivery to you is possible. 

Tip: There are often special Burger King offers such as Family Bundle, Dinner for 2 Bundle or similar. You can save with these deals. A Burger King voucher is often available for an offer. It's always best to check with us to see which vouchers are currently available. 

If there are currently no Burger King vouchers available for the delivery service, you can take a look at Burger King's partners. Burger King cooperates with Lieferando, Doordash, Uber Eats and Wolt. These delivery services often have Burger King offers so that you can save on your order.

Are there special Burger King app coupons?

There is often a voucher for Burger King that is only valid for app users. If you use the BK app, you can activate the push notifications so that you will be notified directly when new promotions take place or current coupons are available. The app also shows you which restaurants are taking part in promotions. You can also order your favourite products quickly and easily via the app and have them delivered to your home. You can download the Burger King app to your smartphone from the Burger King website using a QR code. The app is also available free of charge on Google Play, in the App Store and in the AppGallery.

Do I get a Burger King voucher code when I subscribe to the newsletter?

Every now and then a voucher is available for new subscribers. If you register for the newsletter, you will be informed about new products, bundles, promotions and offers. 

Is it possible to redeem a Burger King voucher at the drive-in?

Yes, you can also use the discount codes for the drive-in. As a rule, the employee will ask you for the code of your voucher. In most cases, all you have to do is dictate the voucher code. However, there is not yet an option for redeeming PDF vouchers at the drive-in. 

Is shipping free of charge?

As a rule, delivery with the delivery service is free of charge. However, it is possible that a delivery charge may apply for certain delivery areas. A restaurant can also decide whether to charge for delivery. If a delivery fee is charged, it will be a maximum of 3.50 euros. 

Burger King works with Lieferando, Doordash, Uber Eats and Wolt for its delivery service. You can check their websites and the Burger King online shop to see if there is a Burger King delivery service near you. 

Do I always have to print out a Burger King voucher code?

You can download the Burger King voucher codes PDF from our portal to your smartphone. Then either print out the codes and take them with you to a branch or simply show the discount codes in the app at the till. 

Where can I get the latest Burgerking vouchers PDF?

We always provide all the latest Burger King vouchers on our portal. You can view the Burger King vouchers PDF here and pick up a code that matches your desired product free of charge. You can also find exclusive vouchers in the Burger King app. It is also possible that new voucher codes are displayed on the Burger King website.

What are King Deals?

The King Deals are Burger King offers. The deals are usually only available for a short time and while stocks last. New King Deals are presented on the Burger King website, in the BK app and in the newsletter. 

Do children receive a gift with a voucher?

You may receive a gift with a Burger King voucher. If you order a King Jr. Meal for your child, your child will receive a gift even without a voucher. Every King Jr. Meal comes with a toy. A King Jr. Meal always consists of a main course, a drink and a side dish. The children can decide for themselves which products their menu should consist of. For example, one child might choose a plant-based cheeseburger with fries and a fruit tiger, while the other chooses King nuggets, a salad and a soft drink. Anyone who wants to can order an extra afterwards. 

Are there reusable cups at Burger King?

Since January 2023, you can order ice cream, milkshakes and drinks in reusable RECUP cups in all Burger King restaurants in Germany. You pay a deposit of one euro per cup and lid. You can return the cups in all Burger King restaurants and at any RECUP outlet in Germany. The cups are thoroughly cleaned and put back into circulation. This conserves valuable resources. In addition, the reusable cups are free of harmful substances, BPA and 100 per cent recyclable. 

Where can I see which products Burger King offers?

You can view the complete product range via the Burger King app or on the Burger King website. Click on "Menu" on the homepage and you will see promotional products as well as products in the categories Beef, King Selection, Chicken, King Snacks, Veggie Kings, Sweet Kings, King Jr. Meal, Drinks and Dips & Sauces.

What advantages does the BK app offer?

With the Burger King app, you can conveniently use the delivery service and have your favourites delivered to your home. You will find coupons in the app that you can scan at the terminals and at the checkout to save money. You will also be informed about new coupons, promotions and offers via push notifications. 

How can I pay for my orders at Burger King?

Depending on the Burger King restaurant, you can pay by PayPal, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or cash. 

Is Burger King on Facebook?

Yes, Burger King is not only on Facebook. You can also find the fast food chain on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Burger King presents new offers, bundles and promotions on its social media pages. 

How long are Burger King voucher codes valid for?

The validity of the vouchers varies from person to person. You can view the redemption conditions for the discount codes here. Among other things, you can see how long the respective voucher code is valid for. 

Can I use a Burg King voucher more than once?

No, as a rule the vouchers are only valid for a single use. If you have already redeemed a code and want to use it again for your next order, an error message will appear. Once the discount has been redeemed, it has expired, so to speak. However, you can select a current and different Burgerking voucher before each order. Have a look with us. We provide all the latest Burger King vouchers for you to choose from.

Do the Burgerking coupons apply to the entire range?

That varies. Some codes are valid for all Burger King products. Often a discount is aimed at a specific product. The terms and conditions of the individual voucher codes state which items the voucher applies to. 

Why can't I redeem my Burger King voucher?

First check whether the voucher applies to the product you would like to order. Often a discount does not apply to all Burger King products. Also check the validity date, which you will find in the voucher conditions. Also check whether the discount applies to all customers or only to new newsletter subscribers, existing customers or new customers. If you have already used the voucher code on a previous order, it cannot be redeemed a second time. In this case, simply choose another Burgerking voucher from our list. 

Do I get a discount for new customers at Burger King?

Every now and then a Burger King voucher is available for new customers. It is best to visit our portal before placing your first order and check whether a voucher for new customers is currently available.