Manomano is an online shop that caters to DIY and gardening enthusiasts. Whether it's for your home, garden, or DIY projects, Manomano is there for you from the initial idea to the final screw, assisting you in completing your planned projects. Whether you seek valuable tips on proper garden care, wish to enhance your home's facade, or need to install a wall shelf, Manomano supports you with its extensive range of products and expert advice, covering projects of all sizes from A to Z.

The History of Manomano:

Founded in 2013 by Christian Raisson and Philippe de Chanville, Manomano set out to revolutionise the world of DIY and gardening, propelling it into the digital era. Their success is evident in the company's consistent growth and recognition each year, not only in Germany but across Europe.

With over 800 employees, Manomano operates from four offices located in Paris, Bordeaux, and Barcelona. The company sells its products in various European countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, and Belgium. Manomano boasts the largest online range of DIY and gardening products, exceeding 10 million items, and collaborates with 3600 retailers."

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Here's a guide on how to redeem your Manomano discount code:

  • Begin by adding items to your shopping basket and proceed to open the basket.

  • During the payment confirmation in step 2, after selecting your payment method, enter the voucher code under "I have a voucher code."

  • The applied voucher or discount will be reflected, and you can then proceed to pay the remaining amount.

ManoMano Product Range operates as an online marketplace, acting as an intermediary between customers and a diverse array of retailers. The platform offers a wide range of products spanning various categories such as drills, cordless screwdrivers, workshop equipment, electric heaters, shelves & bookcases, hanging lamps, and accessories.

The online shop boasts a user-friendly design, providing a seamless experience for customers. It encompasses an extensive selection of product areas, including garden & leisure, tools, home essentials, bathroom accessories, heating & sanitary products, lamps & lights, electrical installations, flooring & wall solutions, pet supplies, kitchen essentials, hardware, and building materials.

Payment and Delivery Options at ManoMano

At, customers have multiple payment options, including credit card, instant bank transfer, traditional bank transfer, and PayPal. Upon successful payment, customers receive an order confirmation and notification via email. delivers its products across Germany, offering both home delivery and express delivery services.

Important Note:

When ordering multiple items, it's essential to be aware that the sales process may involve several retailers, leading to the availability of different transport services and various shipping methods. Some items from the ManoMano online shop even qualify for free delivery. However, for other items, delivery costs apply, and these charges depend on factors such as the chosen shipping method, order quantity, number of involved retailers, and the delivery area, as detailed in the product sheet.

Vouchers and discounts at Manomano

When it comes to popular online shops like, vouchers and discounts become an integral part of the shopping experience. Voucher codes are immensely popular among both new and existing customers, allowing everyone to enjoy unbeatable prices at ManoMano. The allure of vouchers intensifies, especially when considering the purchase of essential tools. Imagine the joy of a craftsman discovering a new cordless machine at a 30% discount!

What sets ManoMano apart is the flexibility to combine vouchers and discounts with other products in the range – a feature not commonly found in most online shops. With the ManoMano discount code, unlocking attractive discounts or enjoying free shipping on your next purchase is effortless, helping you save money like never before.


What to Do If Your ManoMano Voucher Doesn't Apply the Discount?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a 100% success rate for receiving the specified discount with a ManoMano code. Several factors, such as the minimum order value, come into play. Below, you'll find important tips and advice to assist you in resolving the issue.

Ensure Correct Redemption of the ManoMano Voucher Code?

First and foremost, double-check that there are no errors in entering your ManoMano voucher. Accurately input all the numbers and letters exactly as they appear on the voucher, including attention to upper and lower case letters. You can simplify the process by copying your unique ManoMano voucher code directly to your computer's clipboard.

Meet the Minimum Order Value Requirement?

Certain ManoMano vouchers may have specific conditions, as outlined in the redemption details. Verify whether your selected ManoMano discount code necessitates a minimum order value. If this requirement is not met, the discount may not be applied to your order.

Confirm the Validity of the ManoMano Discount Voucher?

Online retailers like ManoMano often distinguish between new and existing customers when issuing vouchers. Therefore, it's advisable to select the appropriate ManoMano discount code for your order, especially if you've previously made purchases from ManoMano. Please note that vouchers for new customers may not be redeemable if you've already ordered from ManoMano in the past.

Already redeemed a ManoMano code for a previous order?

Please also note that most of the ManoMano vouchers are only valid for one-time use and cannot be used multiple times for discounts. So if you combine your ManoMano promotional code with an order, you will not be able to redeem this voucher again for another order in this shop. From the above list of ManoMano vouchers, always select a code that you have not yet used.

Will I receive a voucher code after registering for the ManoMano newsletter?

No, although ManoMano offers a newsletter, you will not receive a separate voucher code for signing up that you can use with an order. Nevertheless, we recommend that existing customers register for the ManoMano newsletter to ensure they don't miss out on exclusive special offers from the shop.

Are there any ManoMano vouchers that offer free delivery?

Please check the list of ManoMano vouchers above. It's possible that a suitable discount code is available here, allowing you to enjoy free shipping. However, pay attention to the minimum order value mentioned as well.

Are ManoMano vouchers only available for new customers?

No, we have compiled a list of vouchers for both new and existing customers that can be redeemed on the ManoMano online shop. Please review the customer restrictions to identify any exceptions. Generally, existing customers who have previously shopped at ManoMano can also expect additional discounts.

How high are the discounts resulting from ManoMano vouchers?

The discount options vary depending on the voucher. Typically, you can expect a reduction of up to 50% on certain product categories within the ManoMano range. Examples include alarm systems, garden sheds, or accessories for the pool and pond. By using one of the ManoMano vouchers listed above, you can order these items to your home at a slightly lower price.

Can my ManoMano discount code also be redeemed for products in the sale?

In general, the ManoMano vouchers listed above are not limited to the classic products in the shop's range. They can also be combined with already reduced items from the sale. This means that you often benefit from double savings when you apply a ManoMano voucher to your order.

Does ManoMano offer gift vouchers?

Unfortunately, the ManoMano platform currently does not provide gift vouchers.

Can I Get Free Shipping from ManoMano?

In the ManoMano app, DIY, home, and garden products with a purchase value of £250 or more qualify for free delivery.

Can I Return Products at ManoMano?

Yes, you can return standard items purchased from ManoMano within 14 days without giving a reason, either in writing or by returning the item before this period expires.

Can I Modify an Already Placed Order?

In principle, the seller who offers products on ManoMano is not obliged to accept changes once an order has been confirmed. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to contact the seller, for example, to adjust the number of items ordered or remove certain products. In this context, you may also cancel your order, which is possible only if the parcel has not yet been dispatched. Contacting the retailer via the contact form on the ManoMano platform is always recommended.

What Should I Do If I Receive a Defective Product?

ManoMano will assist you if there is a problem with your order and you have received a defective product, for example. To do this, log in to your personal customer account and navigate to the overview of your orders. Various options will be displayed there, such as the option to cancel or return an order. You can then use the returns form to send a message to the retailer, specifying that the product was received defective. You are also welcome to include pictures.